Efficient Pallet Storage
Efficient Pallet Storage

Toyoda’s flexible metalcutting systems allow for the storage of up to 300 pallets, available in one, two, or three levels.

High-Speed RGV
High-Speed RGV

The system’s rail-guided vehicle utilizes roller guideways for fast acceleration rates.


Toyoda automation systems use Toyoda’s integrated production system (TIPROS) software. This intuitive system allows for simple operation and increases the efficiency of production.

Automation Solutions

Toyoda automation systems are an excellent production solution to increase spindle utilization on Toyoda horizontal machining centers.

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Automation Systems

This modular single- or multi-level pallet management system utilizes a rail-guided vehicle to load and unload pallets.

Pallet Pool
Available in single- or multi-level designs, the pallet pool is an efficient use of space among pallet automation options.

Robot Loading
Rail-guided, pedestal, or gantry robotic pallet management allows for dedicated loading and unloading of parts.


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Matrix Magazines

Toyoda's matrix tool magazines are large capacity, stationary tool storage racks. These add-ons allow Toyoda horizontal machining centers to be tooled for more part numbers, eliminating time-consuming trips to the tool room.

Matrix Magazine
Holds up to 504 tools

Compact Matrix Magazine
Holds up to 304 tools (40 taper), and up to 180 tools (50 taper). Custom configurations are available.

Toyopuc PLCs

Toyoda offers a full selection of production line controls, PLCs and HMIs, to automate a variety of manufacturing systems. Our proven knowledge of controls, machinery, and high-volume part production has enabled us to develop fast, flexible, and reliable controls for the most demanding environments. Easy to operate and troubleshoot, Toyopuc PLCs virtually eliminate machine downtime.


TOP Center Cells

Toyoda optimum production (TOP) centers are horizontal machining centers for dedicated parts production. TOP centers are easily retooled and programmed, offering unmatched flexibility for high-production machining.