TIPROS Core Concepts

Core Concepts
  • Production has begun on your new Toyoda FMS cell and everything is running smoothly until your best operator is no longer in the picture. This is a situation that many owners have seen; new, untrained operators aren't able to repeat the results that your senior employees produced.  Use this episode as a tool to ensure that all your employees have the core concepts of running the FMS. 

Intuitive Optimization Software

Toyoda's dynamic scheduling software takes the fear out of fully-automated manufacturing. This system plans for efficiency, leading to spindle utilization rates over 90 percent. In dealing with unexpected events that would stop production on competitor's systems, this available software steps in and makes sure the job is done. 

Multi-Generational Compatibility

Toyoda plans for compatibility for years to come. Our flexible manufacturing systems come equipped with multi-generational support, allowing machines of any age to be flawlessly integrated into the automation system.

Live Tool Monitoring

All matrix magazines offer Toyoda's live tool monitoring software. It works dynamically, automatically detecting broken and worn tools and bringing them to the unloading station. This system uses a touchscreen interface to monitor the specifications and life of every tool in operation, making it easy for the operator to manage the inventory of tools in the machine. 

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